Wasta Desa Studio

Come first then create further

We are not just a studio

Wasta Desa is a place to play, creation, work and free space to explore. With a total building area of 8 x 11.60 meters, Wasta Desa has many spots that can be explored. Start from the wide and tall cylorama space to aesthetic spots in both indoor and outdoor studios. You know what? we’re not only space, but also ready to offer help. From equipment, crew, and even new sets in the studio. Everything can be discussed!

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Our Studio

Capturing the essence of moments through the lens, where every picture tells a unique story. Give one shot and you could be join them to do more than a job



Second floor terrace studio 1

Studio entrance



Produce your authentic idea at our aesthetic studio
Start from brands, couples, even graduate students can become our clients