Wawan & Mega DIah

The clean white background sets the stage as they share their unforgettable encounter, hinting at a future filled with love and togetherness

Harley Davidson

Navigating through darkness with a single beam of strength. Harley Davidson Radiating in colorful darkness.

Bayu & Diah

The simple yet elegant attire reflects a casual yet meaningful relationship.

Gung Kresna & Sri Jati

Few words needed, just moments with you that paint my life with colors.

Haluan Bali

Bali Fashion Direction is the expression of Bali's beauty and cultural uniqueness reflected through captivating and heartwarming fashion designs.

Tyo & Rhey

Radiating charm in simple Balinese traditional attire. With gentle gazes, depicting the harmony of their love.

Universitas Udayana

Commemorating precious moments, the first step towards the future